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Rent a boat from our best selection below. These speedboats are incredibly quick and affordable. Excellent if you want to cross the Kvarner Bay and visit our lovely Islands of Cres and Krk with your family or friends. With ML Aquatics, get ready to have the time of your life. Our skippers will not only show you everything you need for your wilderness escape, but you may also pick one of them to go with you.

Our Speedboats

Mieten Marinello

Marinello 19

from 230€

Length: 5.65 m
Recommended: 5 persons
Engine: Tohatsu 115 hp

Boot Mieten

Saver 540

from 180€

Length: 5.50 m
Recommended: 4 persons
Engine: Mercury 80 hp

cap camarat

Cap Camarat

from 480€

Length: 7.50 m
Recommended: 7 persons
Engine: Yamaha 250 hp

Mieten Saver

Saver 690

from 300€

Length: 6.90 m
Recommended: 8 persons
Engine: Suzuki 200hp

Boot Mieten Rijeka

Quicksilver 675

from 320€

Length: 6.75 m
Recommended: 6 persons
Engine: Mercury 150 hp

Bellingardo 500

from 160€

Length: 5.00 m
Recommended: 4 persons
Engine: Evinrude 40/60

The cost of gasoline is not included in the price

A boat license is required if you rent a boat on your own (without a skipper)

If you do not have a valid boat license, we will provide you with a skipper for an additional fee

Skipper Fee: 70 € for the entire day or 40 € for half the day

Rent for the entire day: 10:00 to 18:00

Half-day rentals are available in the morning from 9:30 to 13:30 and in the afternoon from 14:00 to 18:00

A half-hour extra is included in the price, and an hour extra is charged 10€

The boats are docked in Opatija’s port, if you come to pick up the boat in Opatija you get a 20€ discount

We require a 15% deposit for boat reservations
ML Aquatics IBAN: HR6324020061140321582

Rent a boat and visit beautiful places

About Island Cres

Cres Island is the most beautiful and interesting place you can see in this area. With its wild and unspoiled nature, Cres Islands lonely beaches is a must when on holiday here.
On the other hand, if you’re not much of a swimmer there are many small towns to visit on Island Cres as well.

The main destination is Cres Town, which, due to prior Venetian rule, reminds many of an Italian village.
Other places on the island to visit include Beli, one of the island’s oldest places, and home to the griffon vulture colony. 
Valun is a small village famous for the 11th-century Valun Tablet; originally a gravestone, the tablet marks the presence on the island of the descendants of Romans. 
Lubenice is mostly knew because of the big wild beach underneath it. Prepare for a longer boat ride if you want to go there.

About Island Krk

Krk Island is a vibrant island that offers a range of attractions and activities, whether you like history, nature or tourism attractions: thousand-year-old cities, remote rural villages, well-equipped city beaches, secluded swimming bays, vibrant bars and clubs, small, quiet restaurants and cafe bars. The island of Krk is also a great location for learning about Croatia’s history. We suggest visiting the towns of Baska, Vrbnik, Punat, Malinska, Njivice, Omisalj, Silo and Krk City on the island of Krk, or enjoying the peace and quiet of rural Krk in areas like the village of Brzac.

Best Places to visit on Cres Island:

Best Places to visit on Krk Island:

If you are a bigger group or you just want a bigger boat, rent our Taxi Boat and have your own private boat tour!