Island Cres Swimming Tour

The Cres Island boat excursion is ideal for you if you wish to swim all day on the most picturesque Island in the vicinity.

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Cres Island Boat Tour is one of those experiences to treasure for the rest of your life. The excursion departs from Rijeka and travels to Cres Island, the largest island in Croatia and a natural wonder in the Kvarner region. The first stop is at one of the area’s numerous stunning, undeveloped beaches with clear water that can only be reached by boat. After a 45 min rest, the boat travels to Beli, a lovely town famous for being the griffon vulture’s home. A two-hour break will be provided there. You can decide whether to stroll through the historic town or take advantage of Beli’s lovely beach. Try the zip line that is located over the beach if you’re feeling more daring. On the other side, if you’d like to eat lunch, we suggest Chill&Grill Lanterna (we can make a reservation for you there!). The boat stops for a second swim for 45 minutes on the trip back.

  • Departure: 10:00

  • Trip duration: 8 hours

  • Price: 50 € per person
    • Children 1-10 years are 50%
  • Included in the price:
    • beverages (wine, water, Coca-Cola, Fanta, juice, local Rakija)
    • sandwiches and fruits (please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions)
Boat Tour island cres

About Cres Island

The Island Cres, covering 155 square miles, is the second largest in the Adriatic sea and is long and spindly in shape. You will often hear that the island is part of a group of islands of Cres-Lošinj, numbering thirty in total and covering an area of 513 square kilometers (193 square miles), representing 16% of the total surface area of all the Adriatic islands.

Cres Island is the most beautiful and interesting place you can see in this area. With its wild and unspoiled nature, Cres Islands lonely beaches is a must when on holiday here.
On the other hand, if you’re not much of a swimmer there are many small towns to visit on Island Cres as well.

The main destination is Cres Town, which, due to prior Venetian rule, reminds many of an Italian village.
Other places on the island to visit include Beli, one of the island’s oldest places, and home to the griffon vulture colony. 
Valun is a small village famous for the 11th-century Valun Tablet; originally a gravestone, the tablet marks the presence on the island of the descendants of Romans. 
Lubenice is mostly knew because of the big wild beach underneath it. Prepare for a longer boat ride if you want to go there.

Best Places to visit on Cres island:

Taxi Boat Nika is a wonderful 8 meter boat, ideal for small groups or big family trips, up to 12 people! Skipper and fuel are included in the price! However, our Boat Nika had a full refit in the 2019 and it is ready for a new season! Jump onboard Taxi Boat Nika and relax with a drink that is also included in the price. This is a perfect boat to make a tour with children because is equipped with bimini tent that will make a nice shadow on those hot sunny days! 

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