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The utmost perfect day trip! Guided by our profi skipper Antonio we all had an amazing day discovering a for us unknown side off Cres. Total freedom, best beaches, nicest snorkeling places. A stop for an ice cream for the little problemo. Plenty of refreshing beverages on board served (and drank) with a smile. 😀 Both Marin and Antonio made us feel more than welcome on the boat. A doughnut towed behind us totally topped it off! Our little girl accepted and won Marin's challenge, thus deserving us all a nice little drink and chat after the journey. Great you lived up to the promise Marin 🤘 Could go on forever here. Thinking about an awesome day at sea with loads of fun, gorgeous stops and stunning views? Don't hesitate to contact these guys! Cheers, Davy and Katrien and Maygin
Davy Geerts
Worth the money! You can use the rented boat from 10:00-18:00. We have booked the boat with a skipper! It was really an awesome day. The skipper himself was very polite, friendly and helpful! He took pictures of us anytime and took us to beautiful places! He did not bother us at all since he effaced himself but was always there when we needed something or had a question! The experience itself is a mustdo in my opinion because you Get to know the sea of the town/country in a completely different way! The sea and its cliffs and lagoons was just breathtaking! Anytime again!
Boat trip from the port of Rijeka to Cres. We stopped in the morning at a secluded beach accessible only by boat; when we departed, they served us sandwiches (really very good!) and we went to Beli, where we had an excellent lunch with a sea view at the La Lanterna restaurant (booked through Monica because there are only two restaurants and they are always full). In Beli, they only accept cash and not credit cards. After a two-hour break, we departed for another beach where we could swim again, and we were offered some truly refreshing fresh fruit. Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are available all day. Janko was a truly phenomenal skipper, and Monica was really very kind!
Sara Candi

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